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1506, 2017

My Connection to the Canoe

I’ve built them. I’ve lovingly restored them. And I’ve always paddled them. Whether it’s portaging an 18 foot Kevlar on a canoe tripping adventure into the heart of the wilderness, or a solo paddle in my 12 foot wood/canvas in front of my house –

1004, 2017

Foul Weather Photography

A beautiful, warm and sunny day can produce some beautiful images, especially if the blue sky is dappled with fluffy white clouds. However, some of the most dramatic shots are taken during periods of foul weather; when the elements aren’t quite as hospitable.  But braving

2103, 2017

Dog Photography

Anyone who has a camera and a dog, likely has a small collection of dog photographs. Dogs are our companions – sharing the good times and the bad – and it should come as no surprise that they are often the subject of our photographs.

403, 2017

Winter Photography

The first step to getting great winter shots is to actually get outside with our camera. This means dressing for the conditions so we are comfortable and can appreciate the dramatic changes that the descent of winter brings to the landscape. One of the most

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829, 2017


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1113, 2017


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