I was pleasantly surprised and deeply honored to be presented with the Board of Directors Award from Algoma Country Tourism during their recent Annual General Meeting in Sault Ste. Marie, November 9, 2017.

The award was presented “For being a true ambassador for tourism in Algoma.”

Algoma Country has been a long time client and I have truly enjoyed the relationship we have forged in promoting Ontario’s Algoma Country. Staff members Heather Bot and Rob LaRue have been nothing but helpful with direction and information and Executive Director Carol Caputo is honest, direct, thoughtful and entertaining. I wish I had more clients like Algoma Country.

Here’s some of what Carol said when presenting the award:

“Algoma has been blessed with the best geography, best operators, best tourism industry and the best Regional Organization, so what is there left to say?  We have one of our own, in his own right and by his own talents, has made a name for himself in the industry through graceful words and breathtaking photography.  

Whether it’s for his work as the Travel Editor for Ontario Out of Doors, through his photography workshops, or guest speaking about the outdoors, James tells the story of Algoma with true pride.  James has and always will be ours.  Yes, we share him sometimes but he is an Algoma guy through and through!  

James often just drops into the office to see what’s going on. Why?  Well of course it’s because of the great staff at the Algoma office,  but it’s also because he cares.  I can call him at the drop of a hat and he will make happen whatever I ask of him.  He writes beautifully and portrays this area through photos that tell the story of an area that is a must do destination for tourists.

Always proud that he lives in Wawa, and that he calls Algoma home.  It is with great pride that I present to James Smedley the Board of Director’s Award for being a true Algoma ambassador and a huge part of the tourism landscape.”

Thanks Carol and Algoma Country for the recognition.